In my Decide to teach Abroad email series (It’s free! Sign up here!) I talk about the importance of thinking about what you want to get out of your experience teaching abroad. Once you’ve figured out why you want teach abroad, it can help guide you to choose where you want to teach. Today I want to explain why China might be an ideal location for you and list my top 5 reasons to teach English in China.

My personal experience and why I decided to write this particular blog post (apart from the fact I have a great teaching position in China) is because I truly think that China is a great option for English teachers with the right credentials (Check here for info on what credentials you need).

My Personal Experience Teaching Abroad and Why I Would Choose China Now

I taught abroad in Korea on and off for almost 9 years and each time I decided to come back for a different reason. The first was to travel and get out of my 9-5 event planning job in Canada. The second, was to work at a University while I finished my Masters online. The third, final, and most recent journey was to save money with my Husband before returning (as an expat) to Scotland (my husband’s home country).

Since I’ve started working as a recruiter to help other teachers looking to teach abroad (a passion project of mine) I’ve done a lot of research on locations and jobs abroad. This has led me to really consider China as a top place to teach English. I’d even choose it over Korea now as the job market in Korea has been stagnant for some time. While there are a lot of jobs available the job offers have not changed from 2009. If anything the positions actually offer less then they used to because of the number of English teachers applying for positions. If you want to find out more about the different teaching positions in Korea please feel free to check out my post Everything You Need to Know about TEFL jobs in Korea. I honestly, really see China as a more lucrative and viable option for English language teachers these days.

Would I choose China over Korea for a teaching placement? Yes I would, and here’s my top 5 reasons!

Top 5 reasons you should consider teaching English in China

1. Competitive Job Market

Reasons to teach English in China, teach in china, EFL China, TEFL China, why you should teach English in China, Teach ESL in ChinaRight now, the English teaching industry is exploding in China! Companies are constantly looking to fill English teaching positions with eligible teachers. So, if you have the right credentials (Check here for info on what credentials you need) you have a lot of choice!

2. More Diverse Teaching Positions

There is a lot more variety of teaching positions available in China. So you can really choose the best position for you whether it be public or private schools, Colleges or Universities. They are not all “cookie cutter” positions so you can choose the position that is right for you and works for your needs.

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3. High rate of pay

With the competitive market, the rate of pay being offered is also very competitive, you can earn anywhere from 14,000 to 25,000 RMB or more based on your experience and credentials. That equates to about 2,0o0 to 3,600 USD per month. Just to compare, Korea hasn’t increased the rate of pay for teachers in over 9 years! Although you can still save money in Korea, you’ll save a lot more in China as the pay rate remains quite competitive.

4. More room for professional growth and development

With the variety of positions available there is a lot more room for professional development and growth in the industry. You can have more options to develop your resume and work in international teaching positions and more lucrative jobs as your gain more teaching experience.

5. The Variety of Landscapes and Locations

Reasons to teach English in China, teach in china, EFL China, TEFL China, why you should teach English in China, Teach ESL in ChinaChina is such a large country that you have a variety of places to choose from. One of the biggest worries and complaints about working in China is the pollution levels. However, with vast landscapes and locations outside the main cities (Beijing and Shanghai) you can easily choose to work in a cleaner more natural environment. The locations, towns and cities vary dramatically so you can find your ideal landscape.

Some Final Notes on Teaching in China

Just as a heads up, the visa process can be arduous so give yourself time and have patience, it will get done! Also make sure to do your research on the job to make sure the position is legitimate. There are a lot of teaching scams in China so make sure to ask a lot of questions, connect with teachers at the school and reach out to Facebook Groups.

If you want to find out more about teaching positions in China I’d be happy to help you get started! I have a great position available in South China, located close to Hong Kong that offers all the benefits listed above!!! Have a look at the job description and please reach out if you have any questions! I’d take the positions myself if I was planning on returning to Asia!

For more information about teaching English in China here are some great resources:

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Reasons to teach English in China, teach in china, EFL China, TEFL China, why you should teach English in China, Teach ESL in China

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