Traveling Can Improve your Quality of Life: It’s as Thoreau wrote: “Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves”. But travel doesn’t just equip us with self-understanding. There are many benefits of travelling abroad. From improved health and wellbeing to priceless memories, travelling has the potential to enhance life as we know it in a multitude of ways.

So, if you need a little push to make your long dreamt-of overseas adventure a reality, check out these reasons why venturing beyond the familiar can improve your quality of life. 

1. Rich Experiences

Traveling is much more exciting than just ticking countries off your bucket list. Moving beyond our own culture – beyond ourselves– has the potential to shape us into more well-rounded, compassionate humans.

That’s why there are so many advantages to spending time abroad when your family is young. Exposing your kids to different things from an early age will allow for unique character formation in which a kaleidoscope of experiences and places come together to influence their nascent perspective on the world. And the benefits aren’t just confined to your kids: being able to experience the wonders of the world as a family unit is an incredibly uniquething. It’s not the conventional way of parenting, perhaps, but the memories you’ll make as an expat family will prove that it’s pretty unbeatable.

2. Renewed Purpose

Only when we escape the daily grind do we realise just how much of a burden it can be. Work, home, work, home: the routinised nature of modern life can leave us feeling more like alienated machines than humans. Want to remember all those dreams you used to have for yourself, and regain the motivation to realise them? Then travelling is your best bet.

When we’re travelling, our senses come alive. No longer do we worry about the next spreadsheet or about how long the evening commute home will take; everything extraneous is stripped away, and we’re left to see, feel, and reflect. Travelling brings about those rare moments of focus in life that allow us to hone in on what really matters – that is, on our true ambitions and ideals. Travel not only clarifies what’s not working in our lives, but it gives us the impetus to change our circumstances for the better.

3. Wider Communication

One of the main benefits of travelling is about getting outside of your daily bubble to experience the everyday reality of other people. It’s also about developing the required skills to make these kinds of cross-cultural connections. These skills won’t only be language-related; they’ll include intellectual capabilities like empathy, too.

Because as different as we all are ideologically or culturally, there’s something essential that overrides all of that – and acknowledging the special similarities between yourself and people all over the world becomes much easier when you venture abroad. You’ll discover a whole new form of communication which doesn’t even require any words.

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4. Appreciation for Nature

There’s so much world to see, and so many different forms of natural life within it. Every country, city, slice of the globe has its own unique biosphere, filled with flora and fauna that you might not be able to encounter anywhere else.

One of the best ways to truly get to know a place is to immerse yourself in its natural environs. From swimming with whales in the South Pacific to scaling the icy slopes of the French Alps, nature-related activities facilitate moments of genuine wonder and sublimity – moments which are all the more life-sustaining in the face of a world that is becoming increasingly automated and concrete.

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Benefits of travelling, benefits of travelling for students, benefits of travelling abroad, why travel, why you should travel, family travel, expat living

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