The Importance of having a resource LIST

I have been an English Language teacher for almost 10 years now! It’s so crazy how time flies! I still can’t believe I have been in the industry for that long. Anyways, enough of that, let’s get to the point! During my time as a teacher, one of the most important things I have done is to build up an English Language Resource List.

What is an English Language resource list? Simple,An English Language Resource List is a list of online websites you can refer to for reliable lesson plans, activities, flashcards, professional development name it! Click To Tweet Over the years I have built a very effective list of websites that have helped me create solid lesson plans and provided some stellar supplementary materials.

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I’m going to share My Ultimate English  Language Resource List with you today to help you build your own list!

Resource lists HELP to Create Resource Files

Now, this is the Holy Grail for English Language teachers….resource files! English Language Resource List done? Well look at you! Now you can use these sources to make a resource file of all the lessons and materials you have used.  This will help save you time and energy. Especially after teaching present perfect tense for the 10th time. Instead of planning and preparing your lessons again, you can pull your lesson or activity from your resource file and adapt it accordingly to the needs of your class. Need new resources? Refer to your English Language Resource List. Easy Peasy!

Building the almighty English Language resource LIST

When I first started teaching back in 2009, I would google my resources, sift through a whole bunch of websites, to find the perfect activity for my class. It was pretty time-consuming! Also some activities worked, while others didn’t. So to save time I would print the resources that were useful and keep a copy in my resource binder to be used at a later time (old school I know!).

Over the years I continued my search for supplemental class activities and lesson plans and found myself returning to certain websites more consistently than others. These are the websites I have included in the English Language Resource List because I know that they provide great content for English Language Teachers. Click To Tweet

I use these websites for worksheets, lesson plans, and ideas for interactive classroom activities. They can be the main focus of my class with a step by step plan and procedure, or I can pick and choose different activities to supplement what I have planned for that day.

I’ve Finally moved into the Digital Age

Now that I have stepped into the next century, I keep my English Language Resource List and all my resources on a USB or back up drive. These items are just some of my essentials for living abroad. I would suggest getting a good quality back up drive or USB to keep your teaching resources readily available to you in any circumstance (sort of like a batman tool belt for teachers!)

Websites I choose for my English Langauge Resource List

The sites I have listed below are my go to sites that I have used and have served me well over my teaching career. Most of them are free! However, there are one or two that require you to sign up or pay a membership. That being said, the websites have a pretty reasonable price.

Okay, okay, I’ll get to the good stuff!


The Ultimate English language resource list

This website has multiple activities and worksheets for beginner to intermediate levels and for both adults and children. The contents are organized by level, theme (for example hobbies, technology, holidays) and grammar points. They even have a section for IELTS activities! There are a number of activities and lesson plans that are linked to the site. Click on the lesson and it takes you to the website of the activity. This site is great when you have time to peruse the sections and look at the different activities.

This website has great printable resources for interactive activities and games to supplement your lessons. They are for beginner to intermediate level, mostly adult students with original worksheets that focus on pair work and student centred activities. The worksheets are organized into easily searchable sections which makes it easy to navigate for your specific needs. You can download some of them for free but the majority of worksheets are exclusive so you need to pay for access. The membership runs on a yearly basis starting at $29.99 OR you can just download the whole library for the same price!!


This website is my favourite for IELTS, business, or grammar-based speaking practice. I usually used these resources for higher level adult classes from a high-level pre-intermediate and above. They have great worksheets for speaking activities to practice the more specific targeted language. The activities I used always provided a relatable context where students could effectively use the language or grammar point we had practiced. Great for supplementary resources for higher level targeted practice. It’s organized a little bit differently than the other two but the themes are clear. Oh yeah, and it’s free!

English Club

I like English club for more technical information. The information is given in more of a descriptive way and breaks down the grammar or language point. I use it to review and breakdown grammar points and language that I want to teach in class.

Busy Teacher

Busy Teacher pretty much covers everything! They have articles on teaching, downloadable worksheets for all ages and all levels, word search makers, books, posters. I could go on but I think you get the point. The only thing they don’t do is teach your class for you! It is a sharing website, so the worksheets are created and uploaded by other teachers. This is great because you know they have been created by a teacher in the classroom. Now that’s pretty legit!

ESL Library

This is a paid site that has full step by step lesson plans for a variety of subjects with over 900 lessons and printable flashcards. You can try some sample lessons (which I suggest you do) before committing to a subscription. This is a very extensive library so if you need more substantial resources for your teaching I would recommend a subscription. For a single teacher, it is $22 for 2 months, $33 for 3 months and $55 for 12 months. They also have access to podcasts (click on blog) for listening resources.


This website has a variety of resources including activities, lesson plans, word searches, crossword puzzles, songs, flashcards, job listings and teaching forums. It’s a bit of a multi-platform website where you can easily find great activities and resources to create a comprehensive lesson plan. They have both adult and young learners. For me, the best resources on this website were speaking worksheets for my conversation classes, and false beginner dialogues to teach very low-level students basic speaking phrases and vocabulary. The great this about all the worksheets is they are very interactive even for low-level learners. Best thing yet. It’s free!!!

Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab

This website is great for listening practice. You can use it as a listening activity in class or assign it for homework. They have a large library of listening activities on a number of themes in easy, medium and difficult. Each listening has:

  1. Pre-listening exercise usually a general question to introduce the topic (answered verbally or in written form).
  2. Listening comprehension questions (multiple choice)
  3. Vocabulary Activities (Multiple choice, short answer, mixed sentences, sentence and vocabulary matching)
  4. Post-Listening exercise – students have an activity to complete based on the topic (gives them a chance to practice the vocabulary)
One Stop English

Much like the title states, this website has a variety of resources for a variety of English Language needs. There is a Business, ESOL, ESP, Exams, Grammar, Skills, Children, Teenager, CLIL, Methodology and Community section. I love their lesson plans, they are interesting and very well-planned. If you want to try something a little different like using stories, literature or news articles in your classes you should definitely look here! There is an option to subscribe but a lot of the lessons are available to download without a subscription.

The British Council

The teaching English section of the British Council website is a great resource for professional development and lesson planning. What I really like about this website is that they have a number of interesting and newer articles and lessons that relate to current issues and events. They also have online activities that you and your students can participate in. It is a very extensive website so I’m not going to go into too much detail here, but definitely have a look.


The Last bit of advice

This is my list of the resources that I use for my teaching. I would fully recommend using them to help with your lesson planning and for supplementary purposes.

If you’re a newer teacher I would suggest using the websites and resources that provide lesson plans. This will help to guide your lessons a little more in the beginning. Then when you become more comfortable with your teaching you can craft and change the lesson plans to fit your teaching style and class goals. These websites have been the backbone of my teaching over the years.

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To download a copy of this list (minus all the wordy explanations ….  I’m a nerd and like to talk about this stuff!) The Resource List.

Pin it for later! 

he Ultimate English Language Teacher Resource List

Let me know how they work for you or any other websites you use in the comment section.

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