I want to share with you my top TEFL job tips based on my experience as both a teacher, and recruiter. As an English teacher it can be tempting to accept any job as soon as it’s offered. Trust me, I’ve been through this process enough times to know the pressure to accept a position! I’ve often felt like I should say yes to a job as soon as possible just in case it passes me by. I get this same feeling from the teachers I work with, when we are talking about their teaching opportunities.

As a recruiter, my main priority is letting teachers know that the decision is in their hands. My main TEFL job tips I give to all my teachers is to take your time, think about what you want for your job and then ask for it! When I send them on an interview, I make sure to ask them questions to help them figure out what they want in a position. I also give them advice on what they can expect from a job offer based on their experience.

These questions are about the different jobs, types of schools (Public, private, training, international etc.) and teaching level (primary, secondary, College Uni etc.) they might be interested in.

Why is this important?? Knowing what you want and expect from a position helps you a.) ask for what you want and b.) get the best job for your needs and lifestyle. This will ultimately lead to a better teaching experience for you! Click To Tweet

Don’t be Afraid to Ask for What You’re Worth!

TEFL Job Tips, TEFL jobs, TEFL job board, TEFL Teaching jobs, TEFL. job advice, TEFL job search, paid TEFL jobsFor more experienced teachers.….the bottom line is, if you are a teacher with previous teaching experience or with a relevant degree you need to ask for what your worth! Don’t be afraid to ask for and expect a higher pay or good teaching position based on your needs (hours, level etc.). The fact is your experience provides you with the opportunity to do that. And let’s be honest, there are a lot of teaching jobs available. You don’t have to accept the first one that comes along.

TEFL Job Tips ~ Take your time, think about what you want, and weigh up your experience.

Does your ask reflect your experience? For example, are you expecting a high paying professor position with a bachelor’s degree and no teaching experience? (This may not be an option for you now….but if you start your teaching right you can get there).

Are you settling? Do you have 2-3 years’ experience teaching, a TEFL certificate and a bachelor’s degree and accepting starter positions at a private school that acts more like a day care than an actual teaching facility? These are important questions to ask yourself!

For newer teachers who may not have experience, you can still ask for what you want! (Within reason of course). For you this job will be the beginning of your teaching career so you want to make sure to accept a position that suits your needs and future goals.

Questions to ask yourself to help you assess your job prospects:

  1. What education do I have?
  2. What related experience do I have?
  3. What kind of experience do I want to get out of this job?
  4. Where do I want to go with this job?

Whether you’re looking to become a professional teacher and gain real teaching experience or just teach to pay for your traveling, these are all things to consider when asking for what you want from your potential employer.

Check out these great opportunities to get you started teaching Abroad

If you don’t have a degree or TEFL teaching experience and want to get trained abroad I would recommend a Paid TEFL Internship.

Looking for a position that suits your needs as a teacher? Check out my job offers and reach out for a consultation at [email protected] I’d be happy to talk to you and discuss your options to figure out the best positions you should be applying for! I’m passionate about helping other teachers make the best choices for their life teaching abroad!

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TEFL Job Tips, TEFL jobs, TEFL job board, TEFL Teaching jobs, TEFL. job advice, TEFL job search, paid TEFL jobs




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