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Last week I wrote a blog about international teaching positions. This post went into detail about the different jobs available in international schools that aren’t EFL or ESL related. For more information on how to get these kinds of jobs abroad have a look at the post: International Teaching Jobs. I wanted to offer you some additional information on how you can get qualified as a teacher whether you are in your home country or working abroad. There are options for online teaching certification, so you can become a certified teacher while living and teaching abroad! International teaching is a legit working prospect for teachers who want to advance their career and have more lucrative opportunities teaching abroad. So let’s get into the details about how you can become a certified teacher!

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What Certifications do you need to work as a teacher

If you want to teach abroad as a certified teacher you will need the same kind of certification that is required to teach at schools in your own country.  In general, most teaching certifications are done post-grad after you have completed a Bachelor’s degree in a teachable subject such as Math, Science, English, Music etc. After that, you apply to a post-graduate program to get your teaching license. Teaching credentials are recognized differently in each country. It will be important to find out what credentials you need to be able to work at an international school. You can also look at getting an online teaching certification, which means you can study abroad.

Here is what you need:
  • Bachelor’s degree related to your teaching subject PLUS
  • Teacher training obtained at a University for the appropriate age ranges (K-12, primary, middle school, high school). This can be:
    • PGCE (England, Wales, Aus, NZ, Canada etc)
    • PGDE (Scotland)
    • Higher Diploma of Education (Ireland, South Africa)
    • Full (non-temporary, non-emergency) state certification (US and Canada)
    • Teacher registration (NZ, Ireland)
    • Bachelors of Teaching (NZ)
    • Qualified Teacher Status (UK)

Another option rather than the under-grad + post-grad is to do a Bachelor’s in Education or a Master’s in Education from an accredited University. Although they tend to take longer than a post-grad Diploma in teaching, they are a good option for people who a.) don’t have a Bachelor’s degree or b.) want to eventually do a Masters or Ph.D. Also, these degrees are more readily available as an online teaching certification option for a lot of countries (especially Canada).

Don’t forget to look into the degree requirements in your own country and the country you want to teach in to see what requirements you will need.

What if you’re already teaching English Abroad?

There are many English teachers who have a Bachelor’s degree and are already teaching English but may want to become a certified teacher. Getting certified as a teacher is a great transition for getting more legitimate work in your country or getting a more lucrative teaching position at an international school. It is a big difference from teaching with a TEFL certification and can open up many doors for teachers to expand their experience and grow their career.

There are two options for you.  If you’re planning on moving home and want to keep teaching this is a great time to apply to University to get a teaching license!  Plus, with the experience you have had teaching English abroad, it will really help your application! I know many people who have gone back to their country and done a teaching degree and are now happily teaching and settled in their careers.

Online Teaching Certification, certified teacher, online education, The second option is for people who want to continue teaching and working abroad and develop their career internationally! The great news for most of you (again depending on the country and course requirements etc.) is that you can get an online teaching certification! Even if you want to do a Bachelor’s and start from the beginning! There are so many options for online education so you can still work abroad and complete your certifications at the same time.

I completed my Master’s “part-time” (quotations because no way was it part time!!!!) while working in Korea and was able to pay for it and apply the theory I was learning in class to my own teaching.

How do I choose a course?

Before choosing your online course you really want to take the time to do your research and think about what you want to get out of your online teaching certification. For example, What age do you want to teach? Where do you eventually see yourself? What subjects do you enjoy? Will you have the discipline to work on your own? How much time can you commit to the course? Where do you want to teach?

Set your goals first and think about what would work the best for you so you choose the best course that will support your ultimate goals and schedule.

In a nutshell for international teaching positions your options are:

  • Bachelor’s in Education
  • Master’s in Education
  • Teaching license relevant to your country

Please remember if you want an international teaching job it will be important to research the country you want to work in to make sure you are getting the right credentials for the job you want! Also, keep in mind that country rules and regulations change over time, so, keep updated on what they require and even try to reach out to other teachers that are working there.

Once you have the education you need you can start to look for international teaching positions and apply! For information on applying for jobs, I’ve listed some job search websites that will help you in your jobs search International Teaching Jobs.

How do I find an online course?

Look at various Universities in your country to see if they have online or distance learning courses and programs. There are plenty of online programs out there to choose from, so take your time and do your research!

Online Teaching Certification, certified teacher, online education,

Sharing from my own experience when I was researching my Master’s course, I decided to take an online course from a Canadian University because I wanted to be able to apply for a TESL certification to teach at Colleges and Universities in Canada. I knew that the standards would match up, so that helped me to make my decision.

Think about the end goal and then plan accordingly!

A couple resources that may help with your research:

In Canada, there doesn’t seem to be many online options for teaching certificates, however, there are Bachelors and Masters of education offered at most schools which will give you the credentials to teach K-12 learners.

I’ll continue to update this with more information for other countries as I come across it so keep coming back for more details!

For information about applying for international jobs or administrative positions  don’t forget to check out my International Teaching Jobs

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Get an Online Teaching Certification, online education, teacher certification

Online Teaching Certification, online courses, teacher certification

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