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There is a lot of discussion and information about teaching English abroad. Up until now all of my blog posts have been specifically geared towards this because this is the industry I have been immersed in for a number of years. However, teaching abroad is not just for people looking to teach English as a foreign language. If you are a certified teacher in your country or have a masters or Ph.D. in a field of study you can also find a lot of international teaching jobs and administrative positions. International teaching jobs are fast becoming a big draw for new and experienced teachers. Whether you are just starting out and want to travel and gain some teaching experience. Or, if you have a lot of experience teaching in your country and want to try something new, international teaching and administration is definitely the way to go!

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Why Teach Abroad?

International jobs in education is a booming market with many great opportunities for educators to work and live abroad. There are a lot of very lucrative jobs that have high paying salary, great benefits, and vacation to travel or visit family. Working internationally allows you to experience a totally different life, living in another culture while still developing your teaching career.  You can work and travel and still have time (and funds) to visit friends and family. It is something my hubby-to-be and I plan on doing with our family!

My mom is currently working in Kuwait as a Principal at an International school. After she retired she decided she wanted to experience living and working in another country. So, she applied to some international schools and got a job as a Principal at a Canadian school in Kuwait. She has been there for almost 4 years now and loves her international lifestyle. As a professional in a leadership role, she has many opportunities to attend conferences all around the world and also has enough time to visit Canada and spend time with friends and family (almost 3 months out of the year).

I have also had the experience of working at a University with my Master’s degree and it was a great job! Good money, good classes and a lot of vacation time! These are positions that can really move you forward in your industry as well as provide you with a lot of opportunities to travel abroad. I’m telling you, with the right position you can really make a great life for yourself and your family.

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What kind of positions are available?

Most people think that to work abroad you have to teach English but this is not the case! There are a lot of education jobs in other countries that accredited teachers and administrators can apply for. As I have mentioned before I am currently working as an Academic Manager in South Korea, so I am proof that there are other job opportunities out there for people who have developed experience and education. Other jobs that are available for those with certified degrees and experience in education include K-12 teachers, student services positions and office administration, Librarian, Principal, Vice Principal, School Director, and Academic Manager.  There are a number of educational positions that need to be filled!

What experience and education am I talking about?

A master’s degree, a Ph.D., a certified teaching degree from your country or experience working as an administrator in an Academic setting. Some examples of what I’m talking about when I refer to administrators are Principal, Vice Principal, Academic Manager, Student services, working on an education board, or in the Ministry of education.

For me, personally moving forward with my international work I want to work in a University setting or as an Academic Manager to help develop and implement education programs. So, this means I need to continue to develop my skills and education to meet the requirements for these positions as we (my hubby-to-be and I) move to other countries for job opportunities.

With the right experience and education, you can get really great positions in an international setting! But how do you find these kinds of jobs? Where you find everything…on the internet! To help you out I have done the research and made a list of international education job boards. They can help you look for jobs in various international schools and higher education. The jobs they advertise are University, College, leadership positions, administrative jobs and K-12 teachers.

A list of international Teaching and administration Websites

Start your international teaching career today!

International Teaching Jobs - Start your career today!

Teaching abroad in all areas is becoming a professional and lucrative work prospect for both teachers and administrators. If you’re struggling to find work at home, or feel like there aren’t enough job opportunities to advance your career,  looking for International teaching jobs may be just right for you! There are so many amazing international teaching jobs abroad for anyone looking to travel and work. You can develop your career and travel the world at the same time! If you want to get certified as a teacher have a look at my post on How to Get Certified as a Teacher Online

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  1. What exactly is an academic manager in Korea? It seems the key to breaking out of the English Teacher box is further study, but do you think you could change jobs. move up after years of working as an English teacher?

    • Hi Mina thanks for the question. I’ve worked as an Academic Manager in the ESL/EFL field for a number of years in Canada and Korea. In Canada to work as an Academic Manager in an English Language institution you need to have a Master’s degree in education or TESOL and experience working in the industry. The job consists of managing and supporting the English Language program, so you help with student concerns and scheduling classes, creating courses, training and hiring teachers etc. You are basically in charge of running the English Language program. In Korea is is mor administrative tasks rather than supervisory tasks. You do need to further your education to get out of the English Language box for sure you can take PD courses online or even do a Masters or teacher certification online. If you want to know more feel free to send me a message!

  2. I have teacher friends in Canada who’ve really struggled to find work at home, but those that have chosen to go international are doing so amazingly well. The opportunities abroad make teaching as a career very attractive!

    • You’re so right! I have heard of many teachers who chose to teach abroad rather than wait for jobs to come up in Canada as the teaching market seems to be really saturated there. The great thing about teaching abroad is that you can gain teaching experience, make a lot of money to either travel or return to your country with some savings! The lifestyle is really great and something that people can really easily adapt to rather than waiting on a job to come in their country.

  3. Some great information here. I think the biggest challenge is that many leave university with only an undergraduate (unrelated to teaching) degree, that that really reduces chances for many that enter the teaching abroad field. I think that some fall into teaching without planning to, and then find that they need to return to university to upgrade their qualifications to get the desirable jobs that you mention above. If only we all had a clearer picture of career paths before entering saturated markets like the hagwon industry here in S. Korea.

    • Yes Natasha you are so right! I had the same experience and ended up doing my Masters after the fact which has opened up more opportunities in the international teaching field. As difficult as it can feel to go back and get qualified ther good thing is that there are a lot of online teaching courses you can do while you’re teaching abroad! You can do a masters in education or even do a teaching certificate while living and working abroad. Online degrees are really expanding and reaching out to those who may be living and working abroad. I’ll be writing about that next!

  4. Nice to know that there’s more than just english teaching jobs out there. I’m teaching in Korea and while I love it, I do want a more admin focussed role but in a similar envionment. WIll defiantely look into these opportunitues in the future.

    • Hi Carryn, I’ve done some research into getting your teaching license online to be able to teach at international schools. There is a lot of options to develop your education online to make yourself more versatile for different positions. If you want to more or have any questions in the future, feel free to reach out! I’d be happy to help!

  5. Teaching abroad can definitely open up many opportunities people may not have considered before. It seems like the BOOM in Korea is a bit over though or on the decline. We’ll see what happens in the next few years, but the administration now is definitely trying to put a damper on easy access to English teachers which means less jobs for those looking here anyway.

    • You’re right! There are a lot of changes to English Education in Korea and it is definitely having a negative impact on teaching jobs here. That’s why I think it is so important to find other avenues for teaching and expanding your education so you have more options, especially if you want to have more opportunities!

  6. Nothing beats an impressive resume of one who is continuously seeking professional development. This is especially important for teachers. Before a doctor, a lawyer, a nurse, another teacher become the professional that they are, they have to be under the guidance of a good teacher. So, I have high respect for those who continue with higher education and continuous training.

  7. Yes, whenever I hear friends who are licensed teachers in America complaining about the poor pay, lack of opportunities, and even lately safety concerns, I always tell them to look into international schools. In some ways I really wish I had gotten certified because hagwon burn out really got to me and is one of the main reasons I left Korea. I would love to go abroad again, but I don’t want to spend another 2 years in school to get a shot at better opportunities. It’s a tough spot to be in.