Decide to Teach English ABroad Series – Step 4 – Apply for TEFL Jobs abroad

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A Recap of the Decide to Teach English Abroad series so far….

Before we move on to the next step – Apply for TEFL Jobs Abroad –  in the Decide to Teach English Abroad series lets quickly go through the steps we have covered up to this point.

Step 1 was all about finding your Why. Asking the right questions so you can make the best decisions for yourself and your goals:

  1. Why do you want to teach abroad?
  2. What do you want to get out of your experience?Applying for TEFL Jobs abroad- Image

Step 2 was doing some research to find the right TEFL job for you. Researching different job opportunities to find out where you might want to teach and what kind of job you want (based on your why, of course). It also highlighted:

  1. Different kinds of job available
  2. Job requirements and qualifications
  3. Job Searching websites

Step 3 broke down the different certifications and the meaning of TEFL vs. TESOL vs. CELTA in Get TEFL/TESOL Certified. This post will help you decide on the right course to take based on the kind of job you want and where you want to teach.

In Step 4 we are going to go through the process to apply for TEFL jobs abroad. Whether you are using a recruitment agency or applying for a job directly there are some important steps to take to ensure that you land the best job for you!

Step 4 – Apply for TEFL Jobs Abroad

Now that you are certified and have decided which kind of jobs you want to apply for, you can start applying for TEFL jobs through the various TEFL job websites which you can find HERE.  The other option is the upon completion of your TEFL course you are placed in a job. (Remember some TEFL courses offer job placements upon completion).

Prepare a list of your job requirements

It is important, before starting the recruitment process, to make sure to write down what you want from your job. Make a list of your requirements, for example, I want a public school, I want to make X amount of money, I want to live in a big city or small town etc. You can provide these requirements to recruiters and schools for a clear picture of what you want.  (Again this will connect with your why)

Most job postings for TEFL jobs abroad are posted by recruiters who have multiple jobs and will try to set you up with any job they have available. So it will be recruiters who will be contacting you about jobs and setting up an interview with the potential schools. Make sure to give them your list of requirements so they know what you want.

The Job application process

Okay! You’ve made it to the job application part. This is the exciting part! Once you apply for TEFL jobs abroad, the recruiter will set up an interview time with the school. This is usually done over Skype. You may have one, two or three interviews depending on what type of job you are applying for. Make sure to ask what you should have prepared for the interview as some schools will ask you to prepare a sample lesson.

Once the interview process is complete they will offer you the job in a day or two after the interview with an email and a contract. Yay, you got the job!

From my personal experience, the process moves very quickly! So make sure to take your time before you make any decisions. You don’t have to accept the job right away. Just remember there are other jobs out there so make sure you take your time before accepting any positions. You will most likely receive a contract to sign and return to the school.

If you are applying for a job through Boutique Teacher Recruitment I will walk you through the process step-by-step! To find out more about jobs offered on this website go to the TEFL job page.

Before accepting a job offer make sure to:

  • Read and check the contract thoroughly (have someone else look at it as well)
  • Take a couple days before you respond (don’t let the school or recruiter pressure you to make a decision).
  • Ask to contact a teacher that is already working at the school either through skype or email. Ask them questions about the school, culture, town or city and lifestyle.
  • Post in expat community groups on Facebook to check the school and ask for suggestions and feedback about jobs (pay rate, standard contract, where to work etc.) For example Expats in _____________, Foreigners in__________ etc. (Join the Expat Teachers group to access a generic expat community  and ask for advice or feedback)
  • Search the name of the school on your preferred search engine and check for reviews or comments on it. (Google it!)

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Once you have gone through these steps and feel more comfortable with the job and school you can make a better more informed decision about accepting the job! You have successfully completed step 4 – Applying for TEFL jobs abroad!

Please remember this is a general guideline for the process, not all countries and hiring procedures will be exactly the same. Just make sure to really do your homework on the school and job placement before accepting anything! After accepting the job you will have to go through with the Visa application process. The school will provide you with a step by step list of what you will need to get. So just breath and go with the flow. It takes time to apply for your visa so make sure to give yourself at least 3 weeks. The school and recruiter will know what to do, so ask them questions and follow their advice.

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Applying for TEFL Jobs - Pinnable image
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Next, in the series Decide to Teach English abroad, we will talk about how to prepare to make the move abroad.

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