About Me

Hello and welcome to the unconventional life blog!

My name is Eliza Kelly and I am an International TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language) professional currently living in South Korea. I came to South Korea in 2009 to explore and travel and “find myself”. What I ended up finding out was that I LOVE teaching ESL, I LOVE to travel, and I want to do both of these things and still have a home and a family.

And this dear people is what I call living the unconventional life.

A little bit about me….

My TESOL career started when I first decided to leave my life as an Event Planner in Toronto, Canada and take a risk to travel and teach abroad.  Since 2009, I have been back and forth between South Korea and Canada, finshed a Celta and a Masters in TESOL and have worked as  both a teacher and manager. Long story short, I fell in love with teaching and wanted to make a career out of it in a professional setting.

About me - Teacher with her studentsI have taught English in South Korea and in Canada to students from all over the world and I now work as an Academic Manager for a Business Language Company in South Korea. I have learned so much about the ESL (English as a Second Language) field from my various jobs, traveling experiences and international community.

My goal living abroad has been to continue to develop my career as a TESOL professional and create a lifestyle that works for me and my future husband (married in 2018!). We plan to continue to travel into the future as international work provides us with so many opportunities and financial support to live a good life and travel with our (future) kids.

About me - Me and the hubbyOn a less work-related note: I love running, hiking, dancing (anywhere and everything… my best move is the running man and the sprinkler), knitting, reading, drinking tea, coffee and wine (obviously at different times of the day). I also love my family and friends who are all over the world….they are seriously the greatest loves of my life. Hello and love you guys if you’re reading this! (You better be reading this!)

SO what exactly is the unconventional life Blog?

I’ve started The Unconventional Life to show people that you can have a family, a home and still work and live internationally. I hope to provide insight for people who are living abroad or are thinking of living abroad in a more professional manner. My husband and I are hoping to start a family and get set up with international jobs well into the future which means we will be moving around quite a bit! I want to continue to share what that is like so that people can see what an international life looks like, not as a backpacker or new university student, but as a more mature, professional with a family cultivating a “home” life from an international setting.

What information will you find on my blog that can help you!
  • The international Lifestyle – Experiences and lifestyle tips and advice about traveling and living in another country
  • Career Development – Information about developing your career and jobs in the English Language field
  • English Language Teaching – reources and advice you can use in your classroom (practical and theoretical)

My unconventional life is an international one living abroad with a husband and kids and moving where the job opportunities take us. I hope by sharing my experiences I can help people looking to travel and work abroad and what that might look like for them.

Welcome and Enjoy!