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One of the things that are so important to me and my lifestyle no matter where I am is to take the opportunity to be outside in nature. Living in Korea is great for this because there are so many hiking and walking trails. They are everywhere and it is easy to just find a local trail and follow the trail signs along the way. Hiking in Korea is a big past time! Many people travel or visit local hiking paths for great hiking opportunities. There are a lot of them, famous and just local hikes so it makes hiking readily available.

Hiking in Korea 7 - signage
Check out this sweet signage we came across on our hike….Can you guess which way we went?

My hubby-to-be and came across a trail while going for a walk on our lunch break. So this weekend because the weather was a little warmer, we set out for a 2-hour hike in the mountains just behind our work. We decided to just follow the main trail to start and after taking a few twists and turns through a bamboo trodden trail we ended up at a beautiful temple! It was such a random tourist experience and totally worth the steep incline and off-roading we had to do.

Hiking in Korea

Whether you are living or traveling through Korea you can easily find a trail and place to hike in your city without having to go too far. We have at least 5 hiking trails that are close to us and we live right smack dab in the heart of the city.

You will see tons of people out on the hiking trail in their hiking uniform. Seriously, there is a hiking uniform here, people are dressed up and ready to go. They take hiking seriously decked out in head to toe north face pants and jacket and walking poles. Plus any other accessories they deem necessary. You will also come across hikers with radios blaring Korean music. It makes for an interesting cultural experience! What I love about Korea, is that they really promote and make it comfortable to get out on the trails and along the walking tracks. People are out in full force walking, running, cycling (on the walking trails of course). It’s really nice to see.

8 reasons you should go hiking in Korea

  1. In Korea, there are hiking trails accessible around your city that you can easily find by joining a local Facebook group. I follow a group for Korea: Facbook Group for Korea Hiking
  2. I am a self-help junkie and almost all the self-help gurus out there recommend connecting with and being out in nature. Hiking is a great activity to do this!
  3. Hiking provides low-impact or high-impact exercise depending on what trail you decide to follow and how steep you choose to go.
  4. As a traveler who has lived abroad and traveled around quite a bit hiking (and running) is something I can do anywhere. It is a grounding force for me and helps me keep some structure in my life no matter where I am. Hiking helps me to feel a connection to normal. For more on this topic in my blog have a look at  My Essentials for Living Abroad

    Hiking in Korea - Jump picture
    Yes, this is my normal crazy self. I was feeling great!
  5. You don’t need to invest a lot of money in this activity. I good pair of runners with good grip and some comfortable clothes (obviously dress for the weather). Unless you want to buy the most up to date hiking gear! But that my friend is up to you.
  6. It’s a great way to meet people with similar interests! Join a hiking group or sign up for a hiking trip.
  7. You can hike and be a tourist at the same time! Take a trip and hike the local mountains or take a recommended hiking trail!
  8. Now, this is sort of a given, but the scenery and views that you get at the top (or near the top) hell, half way up are always gorgeous. It’s a great way to see the city from another perspective, not to mention a great photo op!
Hiking in Korea - Beautiful Sceneray
The beautiful view from our weekend hike

Websites for hiking trails in Korea

For more information on hiking in Korea, I’ve put a small list together with some of the more famous hiking trails and reviews. Check it out below!

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8 Reasons you should go hiking in Korea

Benefits to Hiking in Korea
Any hiking recommendations? Post them below!

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  1. Korea is an exceptional travel destination and hiking there seems like a great idea, Eliza! When’s the best time of the year to go hiking there?

    • Hi Agnes! It is a great place to travel. The hiking is honestly just great to get some fresh air and find new places. I would definitely recommend going hiking in the fall (September to November) and spring months (March – June). The best time thous is when the leaves are changing in the fall (usually around October) and when the cherry blossoms are out in the spring (April/June). Have you been. or planning on going to Korea?